Should I Pay Attention to the Review Sites Online?

Should I Pay Attention to the Review Sites Online?

J&D Builders has just been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2013! Exciting news? We sure think so. Our promise to you if you call us to remodel your house is that we will do everything to make your project run smoothly and leave you with the remodeled space of your dreams. But is our word enough? Is Angie’s word enough? Whose word is enough?

In today’s era of immediate information, whom do I turn to when I want to remodel my kitchen? We used to rely on our neighbors, friends, and coworkers to provide us with trusted recommendations. Word of mouth meant everything to a small business. Now there are sites like Yelp, Consumers Checkbook and Angie’s List.

Each site has its own way of obtaining reviews and recommendations. On Yelp, a free review website, anyone can set up an account and write anything, anytime about a contractor. They can even change their review or delete it. Angie’s List, which is accessed through a paid membership, asks customers to review the contractors that they use. Then Angie’s List posts the reviews. Highly rated service providers are allowed to advertise with Angie’s List, but will lose that right if their ratings fall below a B. Consumers’ Checkbook, on the other hand, charges a membership fee, but touts themselves as being non-profit and non-biased. They provide cost comparisons, and informal comments and opinions, but offer no advertising to the service providers.

One isn’t necessarily better or worse than the other when it comes to these review sites. The main point is that there are many sites for reviews. We suggest you spend some time reading reviews before you choose someone to come into your home and essentially be apart of your “family” for 6 weeks or longer without doing some due diligence (see Hiring Reliable Help, February 2012).

Whatever sites you are looking at, or paying a membership for, there are key points to remember when looking at all of these available influencers.
*Don’t just rely on one report, one review site, or even one friend’s recommendation.
*Know the parameters for submitting a review at each site that you are using to make a decision.
*Cross-reference these sites. Chances are if all three have positive reviews, that service provider is worth considering.
*Contact the Better Business Bureau, Builders Association of the Twin Cities, and National Association of the Remodeling Industry for even further information.

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