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The remodeling process can be daunting—but it doesn’t need to be. At J&D, we believe that remodeling projects can and should run smoothly. Our ultimate goal is a truly pleasurable, hassle-free remodeling experience for our clients.

Throughout our 40-year history, we’ve learned that successful remodeling projects require attention to detail. We begin by taking the time to understand your lifestyle, working with you to identify your needs. When offering suggestions, we always take into consideration your style, budget and priorities. Along the way, we proactively arm you with detailed information about timelines and pricing to avoid any surprises.

We pride ourselves on pleasing even the most discriminating tastes. From the start of your project through its completion, you get thoughtful service and unparalleled workmanship every step of the way. View our portfolio.

The face behind J&D

As featured in “Builders Digest,” June 2009

Shameless Plug
We believe we provide our customers with truly pleasurable remodeling experiences. We ensure our customers love their new living spaces, but we also want them to remember the process fondly! I think our clients appreciate our honest, straightforward approach and the fact that we take the time to really understand their unique requirements.

Family Brag
My wife and I have four children ranging in age from 24 to 6—so there is never a dull moment ! Like other families, we have to work hard to balance work and other commitments while maintaining quality time together. To that end, we spend as much time as we can at the cabin…. however, we became hockey parents this year, so our weekends are changing yet again!

Company Brag
We get many thank you notes and letters from customers telling us how happy they are (some even tell us they miss having us around after we’re done!) and we always post them for the crew to see. Everyone wants to know that their efforts matter. We recently had one client host an Open House after her project was complete—she invited the entire crew and put up posters recognizing each one.

What got you started in your current field/career?
I’ve been part of the business ever since I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that in this industry, there is a very tangible end result.

Favorite Restaurant in the Twin Cities
You know, I’m not a fancy restaurant guy, but my wife loves La Grolla on Selby- so we get there once in awhile—and everything we’ve tried there is very good. I’m always happy grabbing a beer and a burger someplace.

Last Movie you’ve seen
We saw Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood last week. It was kind of an old-school film, no special effects or complicated plots—just a good story—and classic Eastwood.

What person has had the most influence on you?
Together, my Mom and Dad provided such a great model of balance.  I certainly learned the value of hard work and responsibility, but their lives also reflected the importance of family and spirituality.

What is your new favorite innovation/gadget
I just a got a JawBone for Christmas—it’s pretty handy once you get used to it!